About Us

Who We Are & What We Do?
Hey there!
Since we just launched our website & we had no plans of doing so until recently, we'll be coming up with only a few Personal Travel Blogs but we do have a lot more things to share with you guys, like; Travel Hacks, Travel Tips, Reviews about the places we dine at in our own city, reviews about the places we stay at as a weekend getaway or a place booked for just a night to celebrate an important occasion in our lives and so on.
By 'us' here, we refer to a bunch of crazy, enthusiast traveller friends, who have their respective jobs & work apart from this but also, a bunch that makes sure to get together always when it comes to travelling.
The Good Road for us is to be able to share with people about our whereabouts in terms of our travel stories, our lifestyle funda, and what all we do to keep going forward with life and having the 'necessary' fun amongst all the bullshit that goes with us simultaneously.
We don't travel as much as you would think given our website coming out to be as a travel blog one.
The reason being, our work about which you'll get to know as and when you go forward with us through the growth of what we're trying to do here. But, we do make sure that we plan something or the other each month. If not a proper travel scene for say a week or so; we seek to plan something of a weekend getaway to nearby, latent & amazing places.
But, we do make sure to travel any which way possible.
So join us in this journey of varied experiences, cool travel stories & how we manage to do all that given those regular problems one faces like us; in terms of managing budget & work & a lot more.

Travel With Us